Artemis Consultants Earns “The Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction”


CityBeat News has awarded Artemis Consultants “The Spectrum Award of Excellence in Customer Service for 2016.” CityBeat News created The Spectrum Award to recognize companies who provide “exceptional customer service and experiences to their customers.” That’s high praise from an organization that prizes its commitment to “comprehensive, unbiased, and accurate research” and part of whose mission is to “find and promote excellence wherever we find it.”

This award is well-deserved recognition for Artemis Consultants. CityBeat News ranks companies that have been found to excel in social media, blog posts, review websites, social networks, and rating services. These companies’ clients are very satisfied and well served. The award is given to only a handful of small businesses that earn CityBeat News’ top ratings.

Artemis Consultants was founded in 2005 and is an industry leading executive search and professional services firm for Software, Technology, and Big Data Companies. They assist in finding superior talent in Sales, Pre-Sales, Analytics, Marketing, and Professional Executive Leadership, while using a team philosophy to stay timely and in front of industry trends. More than a traditional search partner, Artemis Consultants invests in employee development and helps set the industry standards. The company search philosophy can be found in the name, as Artemis was the Greek goddess devoted to the hunt; armed with bow and arrows, she possessed the power of accuracy in seeking and finding targets.

If you have search needs for upper level talent or executive roles, or you would like to be considered as one of our quality candidates, contact Artemis Consultants for more information.

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