Will 2016 Prove to Be the Year of Mobile Video?

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By now it should be apparent that no business can hope to remain competitive without utilizing mobile advertising. What is less apparent is that simply moving to mobile platforms is not enough. Marketers must now focus on maximizing the impact of messaging, engineering a greater ROI, and optimizing mobile marketing overall.

Identifying the most consistently reliable mobile strategies has been a challenge, in part because this platform is so new and in part because it changes so quickly. The most recent trend is to incorporate video, and there is a growing body of objective and anecdotal evidence to suggest that this strategy has legs.

Video has appeal for both advertisers and consumers. Consumers like it because it provides a more engaging user experience. Video, unlike print ads, are mandated to be attention-grabbing, entertaining/informative, and easy to digest. Advertisers like video because it expands on messaging opportunities. It’s possible to convey a lot more about a product, service, or brand through the dynamic format of video than the static format of print.

The added appeal for advertisers is that mobile video has qualities that TV advertising does not. First and foremost, it is less expensive to produce because mobile videos tend to be less spectacular than TV commercials, and they eliminate the cost of buying airtime. Plus, mobile videos benefit from the integration of data. The consumers who see these ads have a unique interest in what is being sold and are at a point where they are eager to buy. That increases their potency significantly.

However, before you rush off to start producing mobile video, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Messaging – What message are you trying to send? How does the format of video support or complicate that message?
  • Audience – Who is your target audience? How do they engage with mobile videos?
  • Appropriateness – Is video the best format for the message and audience you’re focused on? Would another format produce better results for a lower cost?
  • Budget – Do you have the money to produce a video that looks good and works on mobile platforms? Can you commit to this strategy over the long term?
  • Consistency – Will your mobile video be consistent with the tone/style/message of your marketing across platforms? Do you run the risk of confusing consumers?
  • Resources – Do you have the tech resources in place to ensure that your mobile video works perfectly on all platforms and through every access point? Are you equipped to troubleshoot quickly?

As you can see, mobile video is an exciting opportunity, but not an easy one. Companies need to avoid the instinct to rush into this medium headlong. It’s essential to first invest in new resources, new technologies, and new staff members if you want to avoid a marketing debacle.

But don’t lose sight of the fact that when done well, mobile video boldly complements your overall marketing efforts, saves you significant amounts of money over similar options, and captivates consumers like no other format. Find the experienced professionals you need to do mobile advertising right by contacting Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_ContactUs_v02

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