Your partner in every hunt for specialized talent.

Founded in 2005, Artemis Consultants supports companies of all sizes and stages of growth by recruiting the highly qualified candidates our clients need to keep growing, innovating and advancing in many of the world's most competitive industries.

We focus on building relationships, not just connections. Finding and attracting valuable talent requires relentless networking. We qualify hundreds of people every month from an array of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each conversation enhances our ability to be a trusted resource for candidates while increasing the value we provide to our clients.

Each member of our team plays a special role in the recruitment process. This approach leverages each individual's expertise that supports an entire team's dedication to provide a successful partnership. By attracting and engaging the passive candidate community, we uncover elite performers that aren't "looking", but are willing to be "found". It is this group of highly coveted professionals that help shape the industries they have invested in making a name for themselves.

We advocate for the brilliant professionals who drive the software and technology industries, finding opportunities that challenge them and positively impact their careers and personal lives. In turn, these relationships offer a tremendous value to companies seeking highly sought talent.

Conference Room with Recruiting Team
Discussion Conference Room With Recruiters

Artemis Values

Our values are demonstrated in our internal and external communications. We represent integrity, respect, and teamwork. We work with energy and enthusiasm to build relationships based on doing the right thing.

Update and Evolve

Update & Evolve

Just like software pushes updates, so do we. There is always a better way to do things and an opportunity to learn and improvise. We love testing new ideas and strategies that produce enhanced results.



We believe in working hard AND smart. We understand that finely tuned processes drive superior results. We integrate our people, process and technology to customize a service experience that provides guaranteed results.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

We value hard work. We also encourage time with your family. Our associates work best when they find balance in their personal and professional life.



We embrace a team philosophy and this is a crucial part of our business. It’s necessary that we work well together, trying our best in all circumstances. Using our individual skills, we collaborate and cooperate to produce phenomenal results.

What makes Artemis Different

  • We employ a team of professionals with a deep understanding of the the industries we support and the opportunities and challenges they face.
  • Services that GUARANTEE hiring managers will receive candidates that meet a preferred profile.
  • Highly developed process that promotes transparency and ensures successful outcomes.
  • Access to a community of desired candidates who have highly coveted skill sets and backgrounds.
  • State of the art technology that provides our clients quick results.
  • Strong credibility and extensive experience in conducting high-profile and specialized searches.
  • Tailored approach that is well thought out and structured, yet flexible to adapt to individual needs.
  • High name recognition with candidates as being a leading firm in attracting talent.