Leading Recruiting Partner for SaaS, B2B Services and Data Companies

We are Purpose Driven Recruiting Experts: Delivering Talent Worth the Hunt. We exist for two reasons. To help companies advance and grow by finding them highly qualified talent. And to provide people career opportunities that positively impact their lives.

Recruiting is a relationship business. Since 2005, we have built a community of highly coveted candidates that aren’t “looking” but are willing to be “found”. Each conversation enhances our ability to be a trusted resource for candidates while increasing the value we provide to our clients.

Unlike most firms who employ recruiters that wear multiple hats, each of our consultants has ONE core responsibility in the recruiting process. This allows each of us to specialize and collaborate effectively as a team to ensure we help you identify candidates that will have a positive impact on your organization.

Behind every one of our trusted partnerships lies years of commitment to a dedicated, engaged level of service. Our team of recruiters has steadily grown to become world-class search firm that provides guaranteed results.

Our integration of people, process and technology provides a customized service experience and guaranteed results.

Years of combined recruiting experience
Executive Searches Conducted


We assist companies at any phase, including start-ups, emerging middle-market, and Fortune 500 companies for all every specialized hiring need.

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B2B Technology

Artemis strengthens your company with talented people with specialized experience and knowledge for individual contributor and leadership functions.

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B2B Services

Our services can provide you access to our community of elite performers on a national and international scale.

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Data Services

We qualify hundreds of IT experts, software engineers, data and analytics professionals each month, consistently expanding our community of qualified candidates.

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Our perspective on "The Hunt" for
clients and candidates

Our research is focused on creating insights to provide knowledge to help managers to make better hiring decisions and enable candidates to advance their careers.


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