The Artemis PinPoint Process

Based on our decades of recruiting experience, we’ve developed a uniquely effective PinPoint Process. Through this finely tuned and targeted approach, we evaluate both your organization and its hiring needs to identify candidates for your organization and maintain a productive and ongoing business relationship.

Assessing Your Needs

We begin our PinPoint Process by meeting with you to assess your recruiting needs. This discussion establishes the critical business issues and requirements of the position. Next, our consultants qualify the behavioral characteristics that the candidates will need to succeed in the position. We will also review the skills, attributes and core competencies required to successfully navigate through the situations that the candidate will most likely encounter on the job.

Identifying The Talent

Using in-depth knowledge of your business sector and their experience in executive search, our consultants will identify candidates from three sources: 1.) professional networks and relationships, 2.) professional colleagues, and 3.) systematic research. Research and networking are an everyday activity at Artemis Consultants, which enables us to continuously refresh our database of qualified candidates.

In most cases, the candidates we represent are gainfully employed professionals with whom we have had numerous conversations. We know their skills and understand their professional experiences, which allows us to help identify talent more accurately based on your particular needs. This group of highly cultivated individuals is perhaps the most coveted, and that is a decided differentiator for Artemis Consultants. We already know the kinds of contributions and work ethic that they will bring to your organization.

Approaching The Candidates

Approaching candidates is a critical part of identifying talent. Because the candidate search process has shifted to nearly 100 percent digital, our recruiters have become masters at using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to find prospective candidates. These resources allow us to find candidates quickly and efficiently by using key factors such as qualifications, geographic region, education and interests, resulting in more targeted searches.

In addition to good old fashioned networking on the phone, we continually fine tune our digital approach and outreach. Our statistics are ranked “Best in Class”. This gives our recruiters the ability to get candidates on the phone quickly which results in filling critical hiring needs faster.

Our consultants are trained to present opportunities in compelling ways. We explain the nuances of the positions and provide key insights on the cultural aspects of the client organization. Also, we stay in touch with our candidates on a regular basis, which enables us to have frequent discussions with them. This familiarity helps us build strong bonds and lasting relationships that benefit you.

Assessing The Candidate’s Abilities

There is growing recognition that how a person does something predicts success better than what his or her qualifications on their resume enable him or her to do. When interviewing candidates, we focus on uncovering “how” they’ve been successful and “how” they accomplished their goals. This method is insightful into an individual’s behavioral characteristics, and helps to assess their ability to adapt to our client’s culture.

Assessing The Candidate’s Abilities

A critical part of successful hiring is determining that the fits are “mutual.” In an effort to help ensure that our clients find the right match, we use a refined and highly effective approach. Since our consultants invest in developing long-term relationships with candidates, we’re able to monitor and address concerns about practical and personal aspects of transitioning to new opportunities as they arise. While having multiple conversations through the recruiting process, we address any and all “concerns,” which helps minimize any barriers to closure at the final stage of a search.

Following Up

We are passionate about making sure that our hired candidates make a positive impact on your organization. We follow up with the hired candidates and you on a regular basis to ensure that the fit remains right. These follow-ups further strengthen our relationships with both you and the candidates.

This proven methodology ensures that you receive the best talent, both technically and culturally, for your needs.