Your recruiting experts for the software, technology and B2B services industries.

We engage top performers with for the core industries we support. More often than not, the person you are looking for has not been looking for you. They’ve been busy making their mark with their current organization. Engaging that top performer is what we do best. As recruiting experts, we’re passionate about partnering with you to develop a workforce that will assist with achieving your organizational goals.

Our highly refined process is meant to make sure our clients have a positive experience in every part of the process. Our approach to each step, from onboarding to providing presentations to weekly updates, are all thoughtfully executed to portray the sincerity in how much we value each partnership.

Artemis exists to help your business expertly navigate evolving hiring markets. We take a modern approach in using the latest technologies available to engage your target audience on a personal level. This allows us to customize each search for optimal outcomes.

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We offer three levels of service.

Position seniority, confidentiality, urgency, scarcity of skill set and specialization will all affect which recruitment model you feel will, most appropriately serve your talent acquisition needs.


An effective search solution for senior-level roles or specialist roles, this service model receives the sum total of our effective resources and dedicated research to leverage the full spectrum of active and passive candidates available in the market. The retained search is an investment, but it is also a commitment to finding those human components instrumental to your continued success.


A Committed service is our most popular and is used for mid to senior level positions. This service offers a similar level of dedicated resources as the Retained Search. It’s best for situations where the company values the mutual level of commitment of a Retained relationship, but doesn’t want the full financial commitment. Employers invest a small, partial payment upfront, and are only obligated to pay the balance of the fee when a successful placement occurs.


This service is typically used to find candidates for junior to mid-level positions. It is best suited for non-confidential searches and finding candidates that are less specialized. The resources available using this service are limited compared to the Retained or Committed service levels. By contrast, this service yields a lower rate of success, so results may vary depending on factors such as function, location, compensation, required experience and market availability.

Trusted recruiting advisors that help shape industries

The advantage of specializing in an industry that touches all others is the variety of experience we gain and the true level of customization we can apply to every search. Our core expertise is finding qualified candidates who not only meet your critical hiring needs, but also enable substantial cultural growth.


We assist companies at any phase, including start-ups, emerging middle-market, and Fortune 500 companies for all every specialized hiring need.

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B2B Technology

Artemis strengthens your company with talented people with specialized experience and knowledge for individual contributor and leadership functions.

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B2B Services

Our services can provide you access to our community of elite performers on a national and international scale.

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Data Services

We qualify hundreds of IT experts, software engineers, data and analytics professionals each month, consistently expanding our community of qualified candidates.

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Financial Services & FinTech

Innovation is essential in the emerging FinTech & Financial Services industries. New technology and processes make having elite performers increasingly more important in a historically competitive environment.

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Supply Chain

With an ever growing need to innovate and become more efficient, the Supply Chain Industry is in constant need of top performers across various functions & teams.

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With technology’s growing involvement in the manufacturing industry, Artemis has specialized in identifying candidates with experience in highly technical and industrial positions.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

With growing visibility and concern, Healthcare Technology and Life Sciences companies are facing hard challenges every day.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With a constantly change landscape, the need for top talent in AI and ML technologies is ever present. New technology and processes make having elite performers increasingly more important in a historically competitive environment.

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