2012- New Year, New Strategy

As a hiring manager are your pressed for time and tired of sifting through tons of resumes that don’t even come close to meeting your job requirements? If so it might be time to rethink your hiring strategy for 2012. Based on the below article, Recruiters Rethinking Online Playbook by Joe Light, companies are starting to transition away from job board postings and website postings to attract the majority of their talent. With the talent marketing condensing, contrary to the unemployment rate, the candidates who have the experience to meet companies’ hiring requirements are more passive. Meaning they are not actively posting qualification on job boards and need to be found thru good old-fashion networking.

So when you are looking to forecast your 2012 hiring objective, take a moment to reflect on how to best maximize everyone’s time. Chances are the resources that host a network of passive candidates will bring a better return on your investment with your talent hunt then digging through a pile of unqualified resumes.

Recruiters Rethink Online Playbook

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