3 Mistakes Companies Make That Derail Their Hiring Process

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Hiring…it’s like any relationship, really. And some companies aren’t as good at relationships and make mistakes that derail their hiring process.

People are introduced, they meet, and then get to know each other through questions and answers.

Initial impressions are made and a (working) relationship begins.

The relationship grows through interviews, emails, and phone calls.

If all goes well, a position is offered and a candidate accepts.

IF all goes well. But, what if something gets in the way of this relationship?

To make sure an ideal candidate accepts an offer, avoid these three derailing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Company Takes Too Long to Make a Decision

If real estate is all about location, hiring is all about timing. Timing begins at the moment a candidate is met and includes everything from how much time it takes to follow up on a resume to the timing of a negotiated start date. Keep in mind that the most desired candidates are getting courted on a regular basis. The quicker a company can make a decision and act on it, the more likely they will land their preferred candidate.

Mistake #2: Company Lacks Flexibility

A job description should be a guideline which is fluid based on the talent and experience of the candidates.

If a company is waiting for the “perfect” candidate who matches the job description word for word, they run the risk of missing out on excellent choices.  Successful companies are willing to train on some skills and responsibilities. 

Also, make sure members of a hiring committee are able to quickly reach a consensus. Deals have been derailed because of internal conflicts within committees over hiring decisions.

Mistake #3: Compensation is Too Low

Top candidates demand top dollar. The value of talented candidates is different from just a few years ago. Wages are going up. Most specialized candidates will pursue opportunities that pay more than their current job.

Be willing to raise compensation to attract the best talent. The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. You can use online resources such as Salary.com and Indeed to find out what other employers are paying for a similar function.

Proper Evaluation

For many companies, it’s also important to host a professional interview, meet co-workers within the company environment, and hear how candidates answer more traditional questions.

There are ways companies can host a formal interview while intentionally creating informal opportunities to relate to candidates.  Having a “semi-formal” pre-interview conversation can uncover a lot of potential issues.

As experts in recruiting, Artemis Consultants has helped hundreds of hiring managers secure their preferred candidates. Our recruiters have expert negotiation skills and training that can help companies prevent these mistakes from happening. We want to partner with you to fill your critical openings. Check out Artemis’s recruiting options for more information on attracting and acquiring talented people with whom you can have a long term working relationship.

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