3 Qualities to Seek in a Database Marketing Account Executive

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In every hiring decision, you’re looking for a candidate who is the total package. But for every job, some skills will be more important than others, and those are the ones you’ll really need to prioritize when making a hiring decision. As you search for a database marketing accounting executive, make sure to place extra focus on these three qualities:

Analytic Skills

By its nature, this position requires a lot of data collection and analysis. It’s the only way to ensure that clients are served and company goals are met. A candidate who cannot see the forest for the trees will struggle to meet objectives, commit to the wrong strategies, and ultimately put accounts at risk. Analytic skills to look for include the ability to analyze, visualize, conceptualize, and articulate.

Project Management Skills

Since this is an executive-level position, effective project management will be essential. In most cases this individual will be supervising staff, working between departments, and working with internal and external stakeholders. Someone who can’t effectively plan implement, execute, and then evaluate a project is going to have a hard time in this role. They many also be called on to work on other teams projects, meaning they have to be able to operate as both a leader and a team member. That can be a struggle for some executives, so look for examples of past success in both roles.

Communication Skills

Anyone who works with clients and oversees staff needs to be good at communicating. What often gets missed, however, is that communication skills encompass a lot of qualities, and an incomplete skill set can create a lot of problems. For instance, some people are great speakers, feel comfortable in front of all audiences, and make a strong impression everywhere they go. But they’re not good listeners, and as a result don’t learn from mistakes or grasp the totality of situations. Evaluating communication skills can be tricky, so be sure to consider all formats (print, speech, formal, informal) and keep in mind this person will often work off-site, independently, directly with clients.

Now the goal becomes finding a candidate who possesses not all three of these skills. There are a lot of great communicators who are lousy at analysis. If you’re struggling to find the perfect executive or simply want to expedite the process, work with the team at Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_RequestTalent

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