3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Call Tracking Vendor

Tracking Call Vendors

Call tracking has become an essential component for any marketing campaign with an over-the-phone component. There are a number of vendors that offer various types of call tracking software to help improve the speed and efficacy of these campaigns. Like all software, though, some solutions are better than others. Be sure to ask the following questions before committing to a vendor:

“Can You Perform Call Tracking for All My Campaigns?”

It’s imperative that any call tracking software you decide to depend on can track calls from multiple campaigns, and from all types of campaigns. At present, you may only need to track a single campaign. But who knows what your needs will be in six months or a year. Your goal is to grow after all. If the vendor you commit to doesn’t offer a solution flexible enough to accommodate your growing needs, it will only create hassles for you in the future. The goal of this vetting process is to identify a vendor that can meet your needs over the long run.

“Will My Call Tracking Data be Fresh When I Get it?”

Speed is essential if you’re going to seize upon every opportunity out there. Unfortunately, not all call tracking software will deliver data to you in real time. You’re forced to work with last week’s data, which could be of limited utility to you this week. Confirm the vendor you work with delivers data the minute that it’s generated. Take things a step further, and make sure that you don’t need to “refresh” or otherwise seek out the new data. Ideally, anytime you consult your figures, those figures automatically reflect the last call you received.

“How Hard Will it Be for Me to Access Call Tracking Data?”

As with any software, it’s important that you actually use it before you decide to spend money on it. One of the key things to note is how easy or difficult it is to access your call tracking data. Some vendors make the odd choice to bury this data deep within a labyrinth-like portal. That creates frustration at the very least, and could hold you back when you need to act fast. The best software will give you the data with the just a click or two and deliver it to you in the medium of your choice. Don’t settle for anything less than maximum ease of use.

Pick the right call tracking software and you have powerful new tool at your disposal for planning, analyzing, and optimizing your marketing campaigns. Learn more about operating to the best of your abilities by contacting Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_ContactUs_v02

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