3 Tips for Finding Enterprise Software Candidates

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The first quarter of the new year is a great time to redouble your recruiting efforts. Why? Because you want to finish Q1 with your salesforce at full strength so you can take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves over the coming months and weather the inevitable challenges. This is especially the case for enterprise software candidates who play such an integral role in the overall success of your sales strategy. If you need to bring in new talent now, use these three tips:

Write a Recruiting Blog

Blogging is a powerful but underutilized tool in recruiting. Starting a blog focused around your recruiting efforts allows you to go a step or two beyond a traditional job description. You can introduce candidates to the day-to-day responsibilities, highlight some of the co-workers they will be working with, show off the company culture in detail, and talk about how integral the vacant position is to the company. It does the reverse of a traditional recruiting strategy –  you sell your company to potential employees. Make a positive impression and you may be able to attract the best available talent, or even talent that is currently employed by your competitors.

Participate in Recruiting Events

Job fairs may seem old-fashioned, but they remain an effective way to connect with talent and are surprisingly good for sales recruiting. One of the major advantages of job fairs is that they are frequently targeted at young talent with a fresh degree. Experience is important in enterprise software sales, but so is fluency with cutting-edge technologies and a generally forward-thinking perspective. There is no reason to exclude millennials and recent graduates from your candidate pool. Plus, job fairs allow you to connect with candidates face to face and highlight what is special about your company in a personal, honest way. That gives you a leg up over competition that is still using bland job descriptions.

Take on a Staffing Partner

The most clever and careful recruiting efforts still take a large input of time, energy, and possibly money on your part. Even with that effort you may only attract unqualified, unimpressive candidates. The easy way to make the process more efficient is to take on a staffing partner. These specialized recruiters can connect you with top talent faster, give you tools to make a deeper, more honest evaluation, and act as your advocate throughout the process. If you need to make a hire before the end of Q1, this is a solution that deserves your consideration.

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