3 Ways to Make Your Employees Lives Easier During the Holiday Season


The busyness of the holiday season affects work life and home life in equal measure. That can leave your employees feeling worn out, stressed out, and forced to make difficult choices. This holiday season, why not take steps to make your employees’ lives a little easier? Your office can still remain productive, and you’ll be doing the people you count on a welcome favor. Here are three options to consider:

Offer Flexible Scheduling

The calendar in December tends to be packed. Your employees are juggling travel plans, school events, and time with friends and family all in just a few short weeks. That can make it difficult to be in the office 9-5 M-F. Why not offer flexible scheduling opportunities, like the chance to work from home, work half days, and take time off unexpectedly? Even with people out of the office, you won’t notice a dip in output because when they are working, they are not distracted by scheduling conflicts and holiday confusion.

Create Pay Incentives

The holidays put just as much stress on budgets as schedules. A lot of your employees are taking on a bunch of new expenses between November and January and often struggle to stay on top of the bills. One way to make things easier and spur on holiday productivity is to offer pay incentives. These could come in the form of bonuses, prizes, or special pay structures. Your team will be grateful for the opportunity to earn more at a time of the year when it really helps. Just be sure to include as many people as possible in the rewards.

Be Open and Available

People prefer to make holiday plans as soon as possible and often have to change things suddenly. As the leader of the office, your team will look to you to provide them with information about schedules, expectations, and strategies around the holidays. They will also come to you when they need to make sudden accommodations or have holiday-related questions. Now, more than any time of the year, you should make yourself available to your team and keep them well informed. With so much going on outside the office the last thing they need is an absentee boss.

Help everyone have a great holiday season and they will come back to work in the new year energized, motivated, and grateful. It’s a simple way to keep your team engaged and start 2016 on the right foot. Learn more about easy ways to manage your workforce by contacting Artemis Consultants.

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