3 Ways to Stand Out as a Web-Security Candidate


The field of Web security is hot right now and growing fast. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expected to grow by 18 percent between 2014 and 2024, a figure that is much higher than the national average for all jobs. Plus, median income is currently estimated at $88,890 per year, which is generous even in IT. Expect lots of new Web security job opportunities to present themselves in coming years. Expect, also, for the competition for those jobs to be fierce. Set yourself apart from other candidates with these three strategies:

Carefully Research the Company

If the company you’re interviewing with is actively recruiting for Web security professionals, it obviously has a problem with Web security. Do as much research as possible in advance of the interview to help you understand the nature of that problem. Where are the threats coming from and how has the company been affected? Look for details about the company culture. Then, during the interview, frame yourself as a candidate who can solve the company’s specific problems and thrive in the company’s specific culture. Unlike other candidates, you’re not qualified for just any job, you’re qualified for this job.

Practice Your Answers

Even the most confident Web security candidates experience some anxiety during a job interview. Those nerves are only exacerbated when you get an unexpected question or deliver a weak answer. Prepare yourself in advance by practicing your answers to common interview questions, and a few oddball ones as well. This practice helps you deliver your answers clearly and confidently, and ensures that important information doesn’t get left out of your responses. Remember that a job interview is a performance. Like any performer, you want to practice before the curtain comes up.

Emphasize Your Executive Credentials

A trap that many Web security candidates fall into is framing themselves as cyber police rather than business executives. Yes, the policing aspect of Web security is important, but Web security is too important generally to separate it from other business processes. As a result, you need to rely on careful communication, negotiation, management, and budgeting skills in order to be effective. In short, you need to be a business expert as much as a security expert. Other candidates will emphasize the latter. You can stand out by positioning yourself as a well-rounded professional rather than strictly an IT expert.

The interview is a great time to set yourself apart, but it’s not the only time. Your resume, cover letter, and online presence can also make a strong impression. To learn more about enhancing your employment brand, contact Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_SearchJobs

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