4 Resume Mistakes You’re Making as a SaaS & Enterprise Software Candidate

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If you have been languishing through a long and frustrating job search, don’t blame the job market. It’s far more likely that the problem is coming from your end, and it probably has to do with your resume. This is the first document a hiring manager sees, and if it fails to excite or actively disappoints, you will quickly be eliminated from contention. Get your SaaS and Enterprise Software job search back on track by looking for these four common resume mistakes.

Relying Too Much on Jargon

It’s not a guarantee, or even a probability, that your resume will be read by a fellow IT professional — at least not during the first rounds. You may have stuffed your resume full of jargon, acronyms, and insider lingo trying to show off your subject fluency, but the hiring manager reading your resume will find most of this incomprehensible. In almost all cases, you can replace jargon with more familiar language without dumbing down your resume.

Being Too Comprehensive

You have worked hard to develop your skill set, and you deserve to be proud of the depth and breadth of your abilities. But that doesn’t mean you should list each and every one on your resume. Tech resumes often get bogged down with credentials, most of which are either irrelevant or barely relevant to the position being applied for. Focus on the skills/experiences that matter most, and find way to demonstrate your expertise.

Not Being Comprehensive Enough

Yes, this contradicts the previous point, but it ties into our first point. The person reading your resume might not be a tech professional, which means they need a little extra guidance to evaluate your abilities. For instance, an HR professional might not understand exactly what a Network Administrator does and how the skills you gained in that position translate to the skills necessary for the current vacancy. It helps to get a non-technical acquaintance to read your resume and point out the details that are confusing.

Lacking Polish

This problem is not exclusive to SaaS and Enterprise Software candidates, but tends to plague resumes generally. Your are applying for a high-level professional position that has a big impact on your employer’s success/failure. It’s simply unacceptable to submit a resume that is not perfect in every detail. It must be free of spelling and grammar errors, be formatted nicely, be concise yet descriptive, and make a clear case for your value. One little mistake can tarnish an otherwise exemplary resume.

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