4 Ways to Give Your Job Descriptions a Makeover


The sad but true fact is that most job descriptions are terrible. They are impersonal, confusing, vague, inaccurate, redundant, outdated, and boring. And as a result, you’re not attracting the best available candidates. If your recruiting efforts have been faltering recently, the first place to make changes is with the job descriptions themselves.

Pick an Appropriate Job Title

The job titles listed at the top of most job descriptions are unexciting at best and confusing at worst. Often they include jargon and vagaries that give the job seeker no clear indication of their role and responsibilities. For instance, “Project Manager” is an essentially meaningless title that can be interpreted in dozens of ways. Make sure the titles you use are clear, accurate, and have a bit of personality without being silly. Keep SEO in mind as well. Try to think of the terms an actual job seeker would be searching with.

Proofread Carefully

When you find spelling or grammar mistakes in a resume or cover letter, it raises immediate rad flags. The same is true when these mistakes show up in a job description. Typos make your job descriptions hard to read and make your company appear disreputable. Serious, talented candidates will be skeptical to work for a company that can’t communicate clearly.

Use Accessible Language

The problem with many job descriptions is that they rely heavily on jargon, legalese, and cliches. You might be thinking that qualified candidates will be familiar with these industry-specific terms, but this style of writing is unnecessarily complex. Your goal with every aspect of your job description is to be as clear as possible. That can help you deflect unqualified candidates from the start, and eliminate the kinds of confusion that complicate the recruiting process down the road.

Eliminate the Acronyms

Most acronyms can be interpreted in several ways. One person might see “M&A” and think it means mergers and acquisitions, while another would interpret it as marketing and advertising. Ultimately, you’re not saving any time by using these acronyms, but you are compromising your recruiting efforts.

When was the last time you updated your job descriptions? If you’re like a lot of companies, you’ve been reusing the same document for years and years. Instead of going with what you know, take the time to revise and update your job description and watch the impact it has on your recruiting efforts. Find more resources to help you identify and attract top talent by partnering with Artemis Consultants.

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