Career change: Should I stay or should I GO?

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You’ve been through the entire interview process with your new prospective employer. Now what? Anyone who is considering a career move knows how challenging this can be. Hopefully, you’ve been taking mental notes and evaluating your personal and professional fit throughout the interview process. You just got the offer you’ve been working so hard for! So now you’re asking yourself:

Should I make the move and start with this employer or not?

Here are some questions to help you turn the “gray” into black & white. While these will be helpful after you’ve received the offer, it’s important to consider them DURING the interviews.

1. What were the primary reasons for my initial interest in this opportunity?
2. Do those reasons still exist?
3. Does this opportunity leverage my expertise and connections to allow me to be successful?
4. Does my past experience set me up to succeed in this role?
5. Does this new employer reflect my core values personally and/or professionally?
6. Do I get along with the hiring manager?
7. Is the position something I can be passionate about?
8. Who do I know in this profession that can give me an honest insight?
9. What struggles do I anticipate will occur when I move? Am I OK with that?
10. Financially, will this new position put me where I want to be?
11. Will my friends and family support me?

Making a career change involves the heart and the head. An objective view will lead to a logical decision. Asking these and other tough questions will keep objectivity in place.

Whether or not now is the right time for you to consider a career change, perhaps it is the time to step back and evaluate your career values.  Or maybe it’s time to set your long and short-term SMART goals.

The definition of brave in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty: having or showing courage.”

At Artemis Consultants, we are here to help job seekers explore options, and to help companies find their ideal candidate.  We encourage setting up a consultation to discuss your values, experience, skills, and passion.  Being brave starts with a first step.

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