Earn Your Employees: Increasing Employee Engagement

employee engagement

The term “employee engagement” has been thrown around the workplace for years. The Gallup Management Journal reported that employee engagement has barely budged the last couple of years. Statistically speaking, only 32% of the workforce are involved, enthusiastic, and committed to where they work. That means 68% of the workforce is genuinely disinterested with their job. Agnostic to the unemployment rate, there are countless benefits companies experience by increasing employee engagement.

How does that effect the success of business, job turnover, and the workforce? Greatly, especially in a job market where employees are constantly on the lookout for better opportunities, better perks, and overall better jobs. Employers must work even harder to keep their employees.

Boston University Professor William Kahn started researching employee engagement back in the 1990’s and stated that employee engagement cannot be bought- it must be earned. He stated there are three reasons employees keep a job: the feeling of having a purpose, a positive work environment, and their security in the job.

The success of the business can boil down to the culture. It’s up to the leadership to create a positive work culture to retain employees. Anymore, financial and creative fulfillment are not mutually exclusive. Employees are desiring more “balance” in their job making it harder to keep them committed.

So, what can we do to increase employee engagement?

  1. Start from the top- True leaders will lead the team by helping them perform jobs they were hired to do. They set examples.
  2. Gain credibility- Leaders will take an interest in what their employees say about the workplace on a regular basis.
  3. Be compassionate– People don’t quit jobs, they quit their bosses.

Humor Works

A Michael Scott.  A Ron Livingston. These guys knew humor in the office space.

If your office has one, count your blessings.  Humorous employees improve the workplace environment.

In a world where stressed and disengaged employees cost businesses trillions of dollars a year, humor can bond employees, improve health, and increase productivity.

Managers and leaders need to keep employee engagement at the top of their minds because every interaction with employees can have an impact – positive or negative. Be aware of your leadership environment. Never forget that one negative team member can deter the success potential of the team. Having clear communication makes cooperation prosper.

Earning the engagement of employees can help create a positive team, and in the end retain and engage employees for longer durations of time.

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