Helpful Interview tips for Hiring Managers

Dear Hiring Managers,

Before you begin your interview process, I encourage you to assess how well defined it is. Below is a guideline that we offer our clients as they begin to interview. Perhaps it will be helpful to you too.

At Artemis Consultants, we wish to share our recruiting expertise to make sure that CANDIDATES and HIRING MANAGERS have a positive experience during the interview process. To help ensure this, please take a moment to review the below:

  • Communication: We recognize that hiring managers are very busy and things change. If there are any changes that would affect our partnership in helping you find talent, please let us know right away.


  • Organized Interview process: Because most candidates are gainfully employed, we recommend that the interview process be coherent and organized. Most interview cycles take place within a 2 – 4 week timeline.


  • Scheduling interviews: In most cases, candidates are employed and have busy schedules to juggle to accommodate interviews. If rescheduling is needed, please give as much notice as possible.


  • Feedback: Candidates are usually anxious to solicit feedback after interviews. Preferably feedback would be offered within 1-2 days after interview. Keep in mind, they are evaluating you as well.


  • Re-qualifying Compensation: When you bring candidates to HQ, please work with us to ensure that you are aware of their current compensation and where they are looking to be before they visit.


  • Final Interviews & HQ visits: Candidates want to know your level of interest or intent very quickly. Please let us know the landscape of the candidate pool and decision making dates prior to this visit so we can help manage expectations appropriately.


  • Decision: We recognize that companies have processes to follow before they can make an offer “official”. Sometimes, this “red tape” delays an Official Offer. If this happens, please advise so we can keep the candidate informed and manage timing expectations.


  • Negotiations: Ideally, you will present an offer that the candidate will accept and no negotiations are needed. However, this is rare. Companies that work to create a mutually beneficial offer will have the most success in landing the talent they have come to know and desire. The most common negotiation points are:


  • Base salary
  • Total compensation
  • Vacation
  • Title


Closing the deal: Once an offer has been extended and accepted, please be sure to have frequent and informative communication for on-boarding them. This is especially important if there is a delayed start date

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