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Hiring has traditionally been approached as a reactive process. Recruiting only starts when a vacancy appears, which leaves the company with a gap in its ranks until a suitable replacement can be found. A better strategy is to approach hiring marketing talent as a proactive process. Rather than waiting for a need to present itself, companies anticipate staffing needs in advance and begin vetting candidates before they become necessary. So how do you get ahead of the hiring cycle? Try these strategies:

Streamline the Hiring Process

The hiring process often gets bogged down by redundancies, inefficiencies, and extraneous features. This creates an unnecessary administrative burden for your hiring managers and ultimately makes the application process more difficult for candidates. Carefully scrutinize the way you do things and eliminate anything superfluous from the process.

Define Your Hiring Team

Even at companies that recruit marketing talent regularly there is frequently confusion over who will handle what role in the recruiting process. Before the process begins, determine who will read resumes, who will handle interviews, what the goals for the process are, and how information will be shared. This preemptive organization helps you focus your efforts outward rather than inward.

Recruit Year Round

There is never a bad time to connect with top talent. Make your recruiting efforts an ongoing process so that when you do need to fill a role, you have a pool of candidates already established. Eager job seekers are usually excited to connect with a potential employer even if a job offer is not immediately on the table.

Audition Candidates

Nothing hurts your recruiting efforts more than making a bad hire. Rather than vetting candidates based on resume, cover letter, and interview alone, ask them to spend a little time actually doing the job. This gives you a much better look at their aptitude and character, and helps the candidate determine if they can actually thrive in the role. It takes a few more resources at the front end but reliably produces better candidates over the long term.

Refine Your Interviews

The vast majority of interview questions cover the same ground, regardless of the company doing the hiring and the role being filled. Instead of falling back on stock questions, think outside the box and design an interview process that is tailored to the marketing position you’re recruiting for. One interesting option is to ask candidates to prepare a presentation related to your industry/company and deliver it in front of a panel of stakeholders.

Don’t Neglect Training

Recruiting doesn’t stop when you extend a job offer. It must also include comprehensive training and onboarding procedures. Making sure that new hires have the resources they need to feel comfortable and succeed helps reduce turnover and generate productivity faster.


One final strategy to consider is enlisting an executive search partner. You can outsource much of the “heavy lifting” of recruiting to these recruiting experts and find better talent faster. If your goal is to turn recruiting into a strategic opportunity rather than a logistical necessity, this is a resource you’ll want to rely on. Learn more by having a conversation with the team at Artemis Consultants.

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