Hiring the “It” Factor Candidate

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When it comes down to two equally-qualified candidates for one position, it comes down to the “it” factor.

“It” is not seen on a resume, but “it” is nothing and everything in hiring.

What exactly is the “it” factor?  If you are a job seeker, how can you develop more of “it”? If you are hiring, in what are you placing value?

“It” Factor is… a Belief in Oneself

Forbes recently defined the “it” factor as a belief in oneself.  This belief comes across through confident articulation of direction and mission. “What separates the best from the rest in entrepreneurship is belief,” says Trish Blackwell, Forbes Council member. “Believing in oneself and in one’s vision is a form of art, and one that, when practiced daily, transforms a blank canvas into a masterpiece.”

Belief in oneself is easier said than done. We all experience negative life experiences which create self-doubt.  As we compare ourselves to others, we become experts in self-critique.  And in an interview situation, even a shimmer of self-doubt can come across to an interviewer.

The “it” factor candidate is able to confidently articulate a belief in his/her own strengths and capabilities.  “Most of us aren’t thinking big enough, not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t know how to believe big enough and consistently enough to do even bigger things than we currently think are possible,” says Blackwell.

To develop the “it” factor of articulating belief in yourself, start by defining your strengths. Ask yourself:

  • When have I believed in myself the most? What strengths did I show in these times?
  • How are my strengths seen by others?
  • What does thinking big mean to me?
  • How would I come across to others if I practiced a believe in my own abilities?

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear recommends establishing daily habits in small increments to improve an area of your life. Clear says, “Your actions reveal how badly you want something.  If you keep saying something is a priority but you never act on it, then you don’t really want it.  It’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself.  Your actions reveal your true motivations.”  If you want to have more confidence and believe in yourself, what action might you take to work on this skill?

“It” Factor is…Having Presence in a Room

If you think of a typical interview room environment, the “it” factor shows the moment a candidate walks into the room.  Confidence is palpable to interviewers. Some define this kind of magnetism as having executive presence.

Public relations professional and interview coach Ashley Cobert suggests three body language tips for interviewing.  She says to first, be poised and prepared before entering a room. Take a deep breath and never seem flustered or scrambling.  Slow down.  Second, be aware of your body language: “Stand (or sit) tall, look engaged by leaning slightly forward, and take up space by putting your arms on the table, not huddling them to your body,” says Cobert. Lastly, speak up with good eye contact that engages everyone in the room through active listening and specific, directed response.

“It” Factor is…Charisma

Charisma means being able to communicate your personality and mission to others in an engaging way.  It is a person’s energy, what makes them unique.  Charisma is genuine.

Charismatic people are good communicators and able to influence others with their infectious personalities.  “Charisma, or the ability to combine your confidence with warmth, is what draws people into your great idea and keeps them there. Magnetism isn’t just about charm, but sparking authentic connections with people, says Aytekin Tank of Entrepreneur.  Nurturing relationships is a key part of charisma.  Even in an interview situation, there are opportunities to connect and nurture new relationships.  “It” factor candidates seek these opportunities out.

Artemis Consultants believes the “it” factor is inside of each one of us. Contact us to help you find or become an “it” factor candidate.

Written exclusively for Artemis Consultants by Content Writer Mellody Melville

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