How to Hire Someone Who Gets Things Done

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“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”  This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin taps into core principles surrounding human motivation.  Why are some of us driven to produce results while others drag their feet?  Every office has people they turn to when they need something done TODAY.  How do hiring managers find these high producers?  What are the tell-tale signs?  Here is how to hire someone who gets things done.

At Interview, Ask About Deadlines and Observe Emotions

In her book, What Motivates Getting Things Done, clinical psychologist Mary C. Lamia explains that the most productive people learn how to interpret their own emotions and become synergetic with the motivation style of people around them (Zwilling, Inc).  Someone who thrives on getting things done feels joy and emotionally connects to productivity.  In an interview situation, highly productive people will become excited to talk about starting and finishing tasks on deadline.  “These are the business professionals who have a natural default mode of starting immediately on every task, with the goal of finishing early for extra credit and extra satisfaction,” says Inc. writer Martin Zwilling.

Look for Candidates Who Set Personal and Professional Goals

A highly productive person is a natural goal-setter.  When interviewing, ask candidates about the personal and professional goals they have already set and met.  In a recent Netflix documentary about his life, Arnold Schwarzenegger explains his own motivation around setting goals: “No matter what you do, you first have to have a vision…to see your goal, to believe in it, have faith in it and chase it.  And then it’s fun to chase it.  If you don’t have a goal or vision, then you have nothing.” In Schwarzenegger’s own life, one of his first goals was to become the greatest bodybuilder.  He had a vision board and a path to achieve his goal. He marked off the number of reps he did each day to build certain muscles, and he learned from the best in his field.  People who are motivated to get things done set and achieve goals. When hiring, an ideal candidate will have personal and professional goals which align to those of the company, and he will see his daily work tie to his own goals.

Ask the Candidate About Motivation

Everyone has motivating factors.  Some of us are motivated by praise from others.  Some are motivated by external factors like money and title.  Most of us are motivated by a combination of things.  

If a hiring manager wants to see if a candidate is someone motivated by being productive, he/she should ask what motivates them to complete work. When answering, do they mention other people, meeting a deadline, or producing results for the company? “Let’s be honest,” says Entrepreneur John Rampton, “If you don’t move fast then you’re going to get run over.  That’s why highly motivated and successful people live with a sense of urgency.”  People who are motivated to get things done will likely mention achieving results and always moving forward. 

Another big motivator for productive candidates is when positions allow for autonomy, mastery, and tap into candidates feeling a sense of purpose (Artemis Consultants).

“Getting it Done” Quality Seen in Resumes

When reviewing resumes and cover letters, look for a track record of success. “It’s a simple fact that proactive people use action verbs and terms when communicating what they can do, both in person and in writing.  Watch for action terms like create, produce, influence, accomplish, and lead. If you come across resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and social media profiles with passive or lackluster language (like assist, help, or aid), your get things done radar detector should go off (Jack Augustine, eWorker).” 

While it is important to have a variety of personalities and skills on any team, Artemis Consultants realizes companies often need to hire someone who can accomplish tasks. For example, this quality makes for an excellent project manager who is organized, resilient, and shows grit and perseverance. Please visit our website for more information on hiring top talent through Artemis Consultants.

-Written exclusively for Artemis Consultants by Business Content Writer Mellody Melville

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