“Insure” Your Career…Recruiters are Calling in Hot Job Market

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Recruiters are calling… with more jobs than qualified candidates.

Recruiters are calling… with high compensations, big titles, and flexible locations.

Recruiters are calling… with big questions like “what is your ideal role?”

Recruiters are calling…you.  In an unprecedented hot job market. In fact, economists polled by Reuters forecast 10.4 million vacancies at the end of 2021.

Knowing which jobs are sought after can “insure” your career path, even if you’re not ready to make a job change now.

Aren’t you curious?

Know What is in Demand—A Career Insurance Policy

Each year, we spend thousands of dollars on car insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and life insurance to prepare for the unexpected.

But do we do anything to “insure” our careers, our monthly sources of income? Doing research now in a hot job market can be like taking out a career insurance policy for harder times.

Understanding what’s out there is as simple as taking a phone call with a recruiter to analyze job openings and in-demand skills. What is most sought after in today’s market and what value are companies placing on these skills? For example, Artemis is currently recruiting candidates for many remote positions including tech sales, customer service, branding, engineering, and project management.

“It used to be that having one job was good enough,” says author and career expert Hannah Morgan. “This was back when you joined a company and were practically guaranteed a job until you retired from that company.  No one worried about downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, or outsourcing.  The world of work changed. Jobs no longer last a lifetime.”

Could you better diversify the skills you have? Should you rework how you are presenting yourself on your resume or LinkedIn? Are there people you can network with right now to call on in the future?

Career insurance can “cover” you if a job ends but it also gives security if you choose to leave a toxic work environment or negative company culture.

Why the Market is Hot, Hot, Hot…

The pandemic caused many people to rethink their priorities and how they wanted to spend their time. It also introduced many workers to remote work, seeing work-from-home benefits related to family life.  According to a recent Indeed survey of 1,000 people who “voluntarily resigned” from jobs since March 2020, “most of them (92%) said “the pandemic made them feel life is too short to stay in a job they weren’t passionate about.”

Another big cause of a candidate-driven market is the increase in retiring workers.  In fact, 2.5 million of the 5 million workers missing from the labor force are retirees, according to Goldman Sachs.

A Simple Exercise to Start Your Career Insurance Policy

 In today’s market, highly skilled workers can start by daring to dream.

  • What is your ideal role?
  • Where is your ideal role? Location? Remote? Hybrid? In office?
  • What kind of impact/ title, career advancement opportunities are you seeking?
  • What is your compensation goal?

Once you really think through these tough questions, reach out to a recruiter and investigate what is out there. Are you currently qualified?  If not, how can you get there?

You never want to have to rush to find a job when you are desperate.  The opportunity may be now to make a move to “insure” a healthy career for years to come.

Recruiters are calling…but don’t wait for that call.  Comment below or visit Artemis’s website to open your “career insurance” policy today.

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