Interview with your employer again…I dare you!

Hiring managers, if you are currently seeking to fill an open position, please read this. Have you considered mapping out the steps and processes it takes for you to make a hiring decision? How long does it take your organization to fill openings? From our estimation in today’s environment, for most organizations it takes TOO LONG, leaving potential candidates wondering what’s going on. When this happens strong candidates you may finally decide to pursue may take another (even less desirable) position while waiting, resulting in an unnecessary loss for both the organization and the individual.

Some organizations are especially guilty of dragging their collective feet, as committees deliberate and deliberate, while its members are off doing more important things. The excuse may be – the position is “too important” to hurry.

But consider this – in 1978 the Catholic Church selected two popes in a period of 71 days. As the leaders of over 750 million people, you might agree it was a pretty important position.

Most of the time, we have hiring managers tell candidates that their organizations are built on a fast paced cultures and things move quickly. But then send the complete opposite message in its hiring.

What message are you sending to prospective employees? How long would you wait to join your organization?

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