Keep Your Hiring Process Short and Sweet

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Recruiting tends to be a drawn-out process. A job posting is published, resumes are vetted, a pool of candidates is assembled, interviews are held, and by then hopefully the ideal candidate has been established. If one hasn’t, it often involves back-tracking a few steps. There are merits to this careful, extended approach, but there are disadvantages too. Companies are now realizing the value of a short-and-sweet approach. Consider the following reasons to introduce speed and efficiency into your hiring process.

Fill Your Vacancies Faster

If you’re making a hire, you clearly have a hole in your workforce. And that compromises your company in significant ways. While you want to find a qualified candidate, it’s just as important to close the hole and get your company back to full strength. The longer you string out your hiring process, the longer you operate from a position of vulnerability.

Entice Top Talent

The best and the brightest in the job market frequently consider multiple job offers at once. If you know you’ve found someone who can be an asset to your company, there is no reason to subject them to useless interviews or salary negotiations. That simply wastes their time, and in the interim they may accept an offer from a company that was willing to act faster.

Lower Your Recruitment Costs

Recruiting has a number of attendant costs, from the amount you spend on posting jobs to the amount you lose diverting your human resources staff. The longer you drag out the recruitment process, the more it ends up costing you in time, money, and labor – and often for no reason at all. Fourth or fifth interviews rarely reveal details about a candidate that you didn’t already know.

Improve Your Company Reputation

You may be fine with a slow recruiting process, but this strategy drives job seekers crazy – and if yours is particularly long, you will begin to accrue a negative reputation. By contrast, if you become known as a company that acts decisively and shows respect to its candidate pool, you can leverage that to attract talent in the future.

The fastest way to shorten your recruiting process without degrading the overall quality is to take on a staffing partner. They can do more of the heavy lifting in less of the time and deliver you a tailored list of proven performers. Before you make your next hire, contact the recruiting experts at Artemis Consultants. Artemis_CTA_ContactUs_v02

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