Keeping current on the job market has its benefits…..even when you’re not looking

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Keeping current on the job market offers a world of benefits….even when you’re not looking.

Maybe it’s a lateral move– to a Fortune 500 company.  Maybe it’s a lateral move—to a city closer to family.  Or, maybe it’s the next step forward in your career.

Maybe it’s something you never really thought about…until you read the job description.  Whatever it is that entices you—well, maybe… you should always be looking…

Even when you are not actively seeking a new job, keeping current on today’s job market has its benefits.

Benefit #1: Analyze Job Postings for Industry Terms and Direction

A good job description contains important information.  Job titles are indicators of position and compensation levels.  A Director of Sales, for example, has different responsibilities than a Vice President of Sales.  Besides the title, the job responsibilities section of a posting offers valuable verbiage.  Pay close attention to the action items in the description.  Analyze your own skills against the list of responsibilities- could you qualify for the position?  Do you have the necessary technology proficiencies for the upgrade you seek?  Maybe there’s something listed on there that you could add to your own resume.  If you don’t have the skills for the positon now, what steps should you take?

Benefit #2: Build networking equity…with recruiters

Network with recruiters. It’s nice to know you are on someone’s short list when amazing opportunities come about.  Recruiting firms are often hired to fill a company’s most senior positions, often not advertised elsewhere. Having a personal relationship with a recruiter who knows your specific skills can be mutually beneficial.

Sure, the current economy is strong, but 2008 isn’t so far removed that we don’t remember what it was like to look for a job.  Take the time to return recruiter calls and emails.  Keep your network and options open.  You can even upload your resume to recruiting firms’ websites.

If you’re being bombarded with contacts from recruiters, choose firms wisely and have honest conversations with recruiters about when and how often you prefer to be contacted.

NOW is the time to have these casual, exploratory conversations…to build equity for that day you need to cash it in.

Benefit #3: Today’s Opportunities Might Surprise You 

The 2018 market has different needs than even just last year.  Your next role may be something you would not be unaware of without regularly looking at descriptions.

Business Insider Nordic reported on its hottest job titles of 2018.  The list may surprise you. They include #MeToo Consultant, AI (Artificial Intelligence) HR Manager, Urban Farmer, Strategic Wizard, Focus Master, Mood Manager, and Outdoor Office Developer, among others.

Maybe you’ll come across that specialized role where you can do the thing you love most for more of your day.  Or perhaps you’ll see a position with a company whose mission better aligns to your passion.  Remote, flex time, travel, no travel, higher pay, better benefits, different city… the list of possibilities goes on.

It takes time and effort to get a new job—lots of it.  We don’t have the luxury of being out of work for months at a time to job search, especially when it’s uncertain how long it will take to find new employment. Keeping current helps ensure you don’t stay in a job you hate. 

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Don’t just wonder what’s out there—KNOW what’s out there.

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