How to Qualify Senior Enterprise Sales Executives Before Hiring

Top SaaS sales Traits

A company is only as good as its ability to generate opportunities for selling its product. Top-performing and well-versed sales leadership makes or breaks that performance. How do you know the good candidates from the merely okay?

Seven qualities that make an outstanding Senior Enterprise Sales Executive:

  1. Energy. This person possesses the skills to excite clients about the vision of the product and assists customers in seeing the best path for reaching their own goals, even if this means some disagreement initially about how that path should stretch. They lead in easy times and less easy times.
  2. Influence. This position moves in circles at all levels of the company, and top candidates need to maintain the lines of communication between development and the client. Solid communication skills are precise and direct — yet tailored to the audience being addressed. He is a skilled conversationalist and an excellent writer.
  3. Business Acumen. Relationship management is more than closing sales; it is also about brand awareness and creating loyal clients. This requires a larger view of the business goals, the client’s business goals, and the market place. Employees will succeed if they have a background in software and experience selling software, which allows them to understand both how the software works and the many uses inside the client’s business.
  4. Relationship Minded. A senior enterprise sales executive is not just closing this sale but also thinking about the next one. They generate leads and build relationships that bring in future sales with existing clients.
  5. Results Driven. This person won’t settle for not meeting all the goals. They aren’t afraid to make the call and get things done. It’s not about their ego; it’s about the bottom line.
  6. Willingness to Learn. In a dynamic environment, knowledge turnover happens exceptionally fast. It’s critical for them to chase down the information and understanding necessary to make the deal – and make the deal stick. This generates trust in their own team and also in the clients’ because they see their desire to listen and grow in order to get the right information and meet everyone’s needs.
  7. Detail Oriented. With as many moving parts and people as a software sale can create, it’s essential that the person running the sale can manage all the information. More than managing the nuances of the sale, they create organization by knowing everyone’s schedules and challenges, and having a thorough understanding of the product, timeline, and team.

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