Managing: How Do You Decline an Internal Candidate for an Open Position?

October Blog picHow do you tell an internal candidate “no” when they apply to an opening? If this hasn’t happened to you already, you will most likely have to manage this in the future.

Scenario: You have internal candidates that want to apply for a new/recent opening.

Problem: The internal candidates are not qualified to meet the job requirements. Passing on them might make them feel less valuable and/or they may misinterpret the value you place on them personally and professionally. Mishandling the situation may cause you another open position!

Answer: Example “You’ve done an amazing job at __. I want you to know how much we value your work and contributions and I’d like to talk with you about future openings as they come up. You have a lot to offer us and I don’t feel you’ve hit the ceiling here. However, I don’t feel this opening fully leverages all of the attributes you have to offer us now or in the future. Having said that, this opening has requirements that are different from how I feel you will continue to grow and develop here.

If you need advice in handling situations similar or related to this and/or have executive staffing needs, let’s connect.

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