Mobile Even More Vital in Second Half of 2016


In spite of all that has been written about mobile marketing in recent years, some marketers still regard it as supplemental, even optional. But recently released data suggests that mobile marketing is becoming more important than ever, and is now more or less mandatory for any brand that wants to make an impact.

The media measurement firm comScore reported that smartphone device penetration was at 79.3 percent of users in December of 2015. Extrapolating from recent trends, that figure should be topping 80 percent right about now. That means that not only the majority but the vast majority of mobile phone users will be primed to receive mobile marketing messages by the second half of 2016.

Even more revealing is the kinds of apps these users are downloading and engaging with. Not surprisingly, Facebook is the most common and most popular app in the country, showing up on more than 75 percent of phones. But also in the list of the top 15 apps are other powerful mobile marketing platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

These results are probably not surprising to many, but when taken with anecdotal evidence, they underscore just how important mobile marketing is now and will be soon. More people than ever have smartphones. And a quick survey of any public place reveals just how often those phones get used. Marketers who are clamoring for attention can find a captive and receptive audience simply by going mobile.

Doing that effectively, however, is a little more complicated. Mobile marketing is more than just an extension of online marketing. In many ways, it’s a distinct animal, with technical and creative challenges that are still being figured out and always in a state of change. For instance, we wrote recently about the importance of mobile video. Figuring out the mediums and messages that resonate with consumers on mobile and then adapting them to the relevant platforms is no small feat.

Taking advantage of mobile opportunities while still distributing marketing messages through other channels will often require additional staff. It will also require marketing executives who understand the importance of mobile and are eager to embrace the opportunities. Trying to handle these responsibilities using only the existing resources of marketing departments often proves untenable.

If you have yet to embrace the potential of mobile marketing, now is the time to make changes. And if that means adding staff, now is the time to start the search. Find resources to help you with every step in the process by contacting Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_RequestTalent

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