Money, Challenge or Work Life balance: Which do you choose?

Most of the professionals that we work with usually wrestle with major decisions when considering a job move. They evaluate compensation, scope of challenge and the work life balance that will be a part of their new position. The executive who is in the early stages of their career tends to be focused on making money. But as their career progesses and they conquer their financial desires, their motivations shift. For professionals who have become “accomplished”, they have a more global view of their career and realize it’s less about the money. They search for the challenge that will keep them engaged, interested and excited about what they do 40 hours a week . Hopefully this insight will help you evaluate where your professional career is now and where it’s headed. As you consider the next iteration of your career, figure out what you are passionate about. Are you making a move for money, challenge or a better work life balance?

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