Need High-Quality Software Candidates? Use a Search Partner.


Software sales are so integral to your businesses you can’t afford to rely on average talent. In order to take advantage of all the strategic opportunities of 2016 and beyond, you need to recruit the best and the brightest professionals available. If your staffing efforts have produced too many lackluster candidates, a search partner may be the resource you’re missing. Learn about the unique benefits of this partnership as they apply specifically to enterprise software salespeople:

Speed Up the Time to Hire

You can’t go long without necessary software sales expertise on your team. But if you try to rush to fill a need, you risk making a bad hire. Since staffing partners spend all day every day focused on meeting recruiting needs, they have a demonstrated capability to fill your vacancies faster and with a higher caliber of talent.

Lower the Cost of Recruiting

Recruiting is time and labor intensive by necessity, and it’s frequently expensive too. Not only are you spending time to find candidates, you are losing money by operating below full strength and redirecting revenue-generating resources towards hiring. Outsourcing the majority of the work to a staffing partner reliably reduces costs overall.

Prevent Dips in Productivity

When your team is missing an enterprise software salesperson, it forces everyone else to pick up the slack. That means each member has to meet their own responsibilities plus extras, and take on additional work without additional pay.  That typically causes productivity to decline across the board and has a negative impact on morale and retention. Expediting the hiring process with the help of a staffing partner is an easy way to avoid these pitfalls.

Create a Flexible Staffing Process

You have probably recruited full-time workers before, but that’s a different process than recruiting part-time, temporary, contract, and temp-to-hire employees. Staffing partners specialize in these kinds of alternative employment options and can introduce the advantages to your company. If you need temporary rather than permanent software help, ensure the best recruiting process possible by taking on a partner.

Prevent a Bad Hire

A single bad hire can cost you a lot of money, create waves that ripple throughout your organization, and set you back months, weeks, or even years. Staffing partners take much of the uncertainty out of selecting software candidates because they are able to invest so much more in the vetting process. When you finally do decide to extend a job offer, you can feel confident that you’re bringing the best available talent into your fold.

There is a lot more to learn about the relationship between an employer and a staffing partner. Have a conversation with an expert from Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_RequestTalent

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