Position Highlight: Director of Customer Analytics


It’s not a stretch to say that analytics have transformed the world of business. Companies of all sizes and across all industries now have a comprehensive pool of data to draw on that illustrates their customer/client behaviors like never before. And what is perhaps most exciting is the use and utility of analytics has a lot of room to grow. Companies recognize this potential and are now creating management positions focused specifically on the topic. Find out what a Director of Customer Analytics does, and decide if this is a career possibility you’d like to pursue.

Job Description

In the broadest terms, a Director of Customer Analytics will play a key role in planning, implementing, managing, and improving an organization’s analytics initiatives. They will typically supervise lower-level analytics professionals, work at developing analytics processes, and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to explain the relationship between analytics and business processes. The specific  responsibilities of the Director of Customer Analytics will depend largely on the project being tackled and the company being worked for.

Education and Skills

Professionals occupying this role will typically need to have an advanced degree in Statistics, Analytics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Economics. That will need to be paired with 5+ years of on-the-job experience, along with a proven track record of success. Skills necessary to excel in the role include an expert knowledge of analytics and an understanding of how to apply analytics to the company/industry in question. Effective directors will also need to be excellent communicators, team managers, organizers, and troubleshooters.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not forecast job growth specifically for professionals in analytics, but by looking at related fields, we can get an idea of how robust this field will be in the future. Opportunities for Statisticians are expected to grow by 34 percent by 2020. Growth for Market Research Analysts is not quite as bullish, but still far above average at 19 percent. Finally, growth for Information Research Scientists is forecast at 11 percent, which still beats the national average. By all accounts, the future is bright for any professional in customer analytics.

Current Vacancy

A fast-growing company in Atlanta is eager to recruit a Director of Customer Analytics. The company works in the credit industry and would prefer to find a qualified professional with industry experience. The stated salary begins at $120K – $130K with the potential for a bonus. If you are interested in learning more about position like the one described, contact our team today.

If you lack the experience you need to get hired as a Director of Customer Analytics, don’t worry. The important thing is to make strategic choices in your professional development to open doors later in your career. Find out how to put yourself on the path you want to be on by contacting Artemis Consultants.Artemis_CTA_ContactUs_v02

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