Should You Use Online Hiring Assessments?


Seems like a simple plan: You want to know what a potential candidate’s skill level really is before you bring them in for an interview. You direct them to an online assessment tool thinking this will make sure the candidate is not only truly qualified, but also genuinely interested. That’s what these tools are for, right?

Not So Fast…

Online assessments are a good option for a qualifier. They can give you a basic starting point, but they can create some cracks where you’re going to lose some of the better talent options.

Some candidates aren’t going to be inclined to take the test.

For a few different reasons, some of your candidates are going to opt out of the assessment. Maybe it’s test anxiety, maybe it’s time, maybe it’s because they are already being courted – or it could be that your attempt to weed the candidate pool works too well, and you turn off some of the best candidates because they feel less than warm-and-fuzzy about a job that requires a test to apply.

Well, then what’s a better way?

Consider using a recruiting firm. A firm gets to know the candidate’s abilities and evaluates them before they ever get to your interview, saving you time and effort. Candidates who are assessed in this softer approach feel less intimidated, more vested, and are more likely to give you accurate information after building a relationship with a search partner. A recruiting firm also aligns with your company and gets in deep with the needs of the opening and the goals HR has for the hire. Firms can then strategically target the candidates based on not just a handful of online assessments, but on a holistic view of many factors at once, tailoring the experience for your company, the opening, and the candidate.

If you’re ready to make sure you’re appraising a candidate’s real potential value to your company, Artemis Consultants will thoroughly explore your needs and not only the required expertise, but the soft skills needed within the job.

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