How to Recruit and Hire Confident Employees

confident employees

Confident employees are ambitious, honest, and able to interact with colleagues, clients, and leadership with sincerity and conviction. They are more likely to be engaged than intimidated by the challenges their work presents, and they’re willing to step outside their comfort zones. It’s important for companies to know how to recruit and hire confident employees.

We can all recall the day we learned to ride a bike. It seemed an impossible task to our six-year-old selves. You want me to do what, Mom?” On just two skinny wheels, Dad?

It may have taken you months to become “ready.” Stumbling, skinned knees, riding only a few feet at a time. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Until…the day it became easy. Remember that day? Streaming down hills, no hands, wind in your hair…
The day you learned to ride your bike, you conquered something you once thought impossible. And overcoming challenges- whether it be in sports, relationships, or business– builds confidence. Recruiting and hiring confident employees is good business.

Confident Employees Speak Up

Merriam-Webster defines confidence as “the quality or state of being certain.” When someone is certain about facts, ways to solve a problem, or something as simple as a piece of trivia, he or she will speak up. The confidence will come through in tone, volume, and content. A confident person will often lead the conversation and will answer questions directly–with eye contact and certainty.

It’s be said that hard skills are primarily responsible for getting you the job. But it’s the soft skills keep you there and get you promoted.

Confident Employees are Willing to Try New Things

If you read closely, a confident recruit’s resume is very revealing. One will notice that he has tried new roles, initiated new projects, or taken over areas of the business others have shied away from. Career development expert Brian Tracy states, “The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.” Has your new recruit overcome a fear? A confident candidate believes so much in his probability for success that he is willing to try new things.

Confident Employees are not Nervous

A person who believes in his abilities is excited and proud to share them with others. Nerves often come with inexperience. There are nervous situations all of us experience, but much of the anxiety dissipates with years of success.

At Artemis Consultants, we have practiced the skill of identifying quality, confident recruits for years. We bring companies candidates that have skills tailored to their needs, so the hiring process is shorter and more profitable. Contact us for your executive search provider needs—with certainty.

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