How Relocation Affects Ability to Attract Candidates


When you’re trying to fill an executive position, the pool shrinks based on experience and expertise and then you add in the boundaries of a commute and things get infinitely more complex. What if your opening isn’t a good option for a remote office? What if the best candidate lives 300 miles away?

Offer a Smart Relocation Package

You’ve spent hours screening, interviewing, and vetting the perfect potential hire; don’t let that one get away! One way to help convince the top talent to move from that perfect craftsman style bungalow in the same town as the kids’ favorite babysitter is to offer a competitive and attractive relocation package. Many of the factors attributed to major stress in life tie into a move for a new position. Between “a major change in living condition (new home)” and “change in the usual forms of relaxation,” relocation scores many points on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Inventory. If you offer a top prospect the best tools and support to manage a move, you’re going to meet with more positive results. In fact, you can even be savvy and use this as a tool to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The Relocation Experience Sets the Tone

You don’t have to break the bank to make relocation an exciting and pleasant experience. This is where an HR professional can really make a great impression on a new hire by offering connections. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can create a good impression: Directions to the closest Starbucks, the best farmer’s market, or even the most fully equipped playground. Here’s a good chance to foster loyalty. By helping the new hire dig into the community it helps ensure longevity, too.

Ready to Work Before IT is Even Finished Setting Up the Email

Once you’ve successfully navigated the waters of an orchestrated relocation, you’ve set the stage for a successful first day, as well. Without needing the time away to manage the home front, more time can be spent in the office settling into the corporate culture and the many facets of a new role. Also, since your new executive won’t be spending all the reserves to get from there to here, there’s a good chance the normal stress of starting in a new job won’t be augmented by the stress of being pinched by a move.

In this day of telecommuting, relocation is an underused tool to secure the best and brightest. If you’re worried about getting the right candidate, not just the closest, let Artemis Consultants connect you with top talent from your area and nationwide. Our executive search professionals can assist with evaluating the talent saturation in your area and make recommendations for landing a great candidate. Contact our executive search experts today.

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