The Importance of Visual Marketing in a Data Filled World

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If there was ever any doubt that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, you only need to consider the volume of information online in 2016. Everyone, almost regardless of Internet engagement, is exposed to a barrage of emails, content from dozens of websites, endless social feeds, and an almost countless number of ads and asides.

The sheer amount of information that users are subjected to is enormous, and research suggests that it might also be overwhelming. A survey of British adults revealed that 45 percent experienced significant stress as a result of “data overload.” Another 34 percent reported that they struggled to absorb information online, and 44 percent reported that as a result they ignore online communications, even to the point of hiding devices.

That is alarming news for marketers who have gotten used to the free, unlimited flow of information online. Digital marketing has opened up exciting pathways for companies to engage deeper with consumers at for a fraction of the cost. But now that anyone and everyone makes use of digital marketing strategies, the approach is starting to backfire with customers actively ignoring (even hiding from) marketing messages.

What is the solution?

The solution proposed by some is to move away from text-based messaging and place a greater emphasis on visual messaging. In the same UK survey, 60 percent of the respondents said that they retained more information from maps and graphics. That supports research that suggests it requires 20 percent less brain power to absorb and retain visual information.

Marketers in the 21st century have already discovered the power of a well-made infographic or graphics-only ad. But this survey suggests that more and more messaging will need to be presented in visual ways, and delivered through channels that cut through the noise of text. For many, that represents a fundamental shift in the approach to digital marketing.

In order to respond to this evolution, in both creative and technical terms, marketing departments will need to evaluate the skills on staff at present and fill in the gaps. It is tempting to think that copywriters can double as graphic and Web designers, but that is simply a recipe for bad graphics and bad Web pages.

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