The Unexpected Benefits Recruiters Provide

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Time equals money. And when a company’s positions stay unfilled, the costs add up quickly. There is a measurable cost in a loss of production. And there are unmeasured costs in a loss of morale of the employees who absorb the workload.  So, when a client recently asked us to find five experienced salespeople, we went to work immediately.  Our client needed candidates who could sell specialized software to enterprise level companies and close large, 300K+ deals.  And—all five needed to be hired within 90 days. Companies that have specialized needs like this value the benefits recruiters provide.

After assessing client needs, Artemis developed a plan to reach out to our established community of professionals.  We created a customized omni-channel to market the positions.  Within 15 days, the company received twelve candidates.  They hired three within 30 days and were presented additional candidates to round out their hiring needs. The new sales talent skyrocketed business and helped the company reach record-breaking goals.

What is the advantage in using a recruiting firm over in-house hiring?  To me, it’s having specialized relationships with top talent at hand.  Over the years, top recruiters build nation-wide professional networks in specific sectors. The talent a client is looking for is often not actively looking for a job. They’re busy making a name for themselves in their current position. Recruiters target these top-performing professionals and have conversations with them every day. So when a client has a need, we can provide access to a select group of passive qualified candidates that are open to new opportunities.

Recruiters Specialize to Bring Special Talent

The best recruiters will often specialize in areas of expertise and have many years of experience.  For example, since 2005, Artemis Consultants has specialized in SaaS, B2B Tech and Data Services Recruiting.  Most of our hiring occurs in the areas of Enterprise Software, Risk and Fraud, Marketing Technology, Analytical Services, Consumer and Business Data, and e-Commerce and Payments. And the functions we recruit for are sales and marketing, product, analytics, IT and mid-senior level leadership positions.

Because we specialize in recruiting for companies hiring in these areas, we can easily advise clients on what competitors pay in these sectors.  We know what candidates are looking for and can make job descriptions attractive.  We can quickly create an applicant pool and present the top 3 – 5 pre-screened qualified candidates.

Candidates are Represented Throughout Career

When candidates come to Artemis, they begin a career-long relationship. They become a part of our valuable community. Our candidates are presented to companies in a positive manner and are coached and debriefed when interviewing.  In many cases, recruiters have worked with clients for multiple searches and know what kinds of questions are asked and what is important in a new hire.  Candidates who use recruiters can expect less competition and be a part of more desirable pool of candidates. This is because they’ve been courted to consider a new job versus applying. This group is perceived to be running towards a new opportunity rather than running from one they are failing at. This can help with negotiations and reduce competition.  Recruiting partners can offer details about the company and job with candidates so they can better prepare for success.  Recruiters like Artemis will also negotiate a strong compensation and benefits package for candidates.

The best recruiters want long-term relationships with candidates regardless of where their career may lead. Throughout a career, a recruiter can advise on market trends to help candidates build skills, networks and advance their professional lives.

Recruiters Rely on Relationships Over Technology

The human element is at the heart of job seeking—and recruiting.  It takes more than talent acquisition software sorting through keywords to get an entire picture.  And recruiters know– the best applicants may be the ones not actively searching at all.

Studies have shown that up to 75% of qualified applicants are rejected by ATS programs because they can’t be read, says Joe Konop of Forbes.  Some ATS systems require resumes to be in .doc or .txt form or do not work well with graphics.  Some platforms may reject resumes that list a date instead of an employer name first.

While no hiring manager wants to sort through hundreds of emails or stacks of resumes, we must be aware of the limits of automated talent acquisition platforms. A.I. & Bots take the heart out of hiring. 

Artemis is proud to be named after the Greek goddess of hunting.  We hunt the top 5% of top-performing talent for our clients.  Please contact us to learn how you can benefit by establishing a partnership with us.

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