How can a Business Implement a Social Media Strategy?

In today’s society, just about everyone uses some sort of social networking in their everyday lives. Now, more and more businesses are starting to see the value in using social media as an outlet to reach their customers and target audience. Once you’ve decided to invest in social media, you might ask yourself…where do I start? Below are some quick tips to help you begin.

1.Establish Goals- Write down specific goals and objectives that you want to accomplish bysing social media. ie: Brand recognition
2.Listen- Learn about your audience. Who/Where are they? How/Where do they engage?
3.Build- Choose your channels wisely because there are many! (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, etc…)
4.Engage and Participate- Make sure to participate/update your social media outlets on a regular basis.
Keep your content engaging. Listen to your audience and ask questions.

There are several questions surrounding social media, but please know that there is no right or wrong answer. Social media is the next big thing. Would you rather stay ahead of the curve, or behind it?

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