Three Questions to Ask All Risk Mitigation Candidates


Risk mitigation openings need to be filled strategically and thoughtfully; executives need to know that the hands they have chosen will hold the business afloat if disaster should strike, and that the hands they rely on will keep them from tripping into any accidentally opened holes in the strategy. These candidates need to be savvy and up-to-date on the latest developments, and be well-versed in traditional thinking and backstory, as well.

Use the following three questions to assist you in hiring strong risk mitigation candidates:

  1. What groups or publications do you follow in your field?

    These candidates need a finger on the pulse of their field. While there are several good options, no answer is complete without COSO, The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations. COSO provides the central nervous system and leading thought on risk and fraud mitigation. Additional groups or publications to note include National Institute for Standards and Technology, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and ISO for their expertise and standard creations. Also, listen to hear if the candidate has other more in-depth networks that she can access for growing her body of expertise. These answers will show you the level of experience and networking inside the field, and their ability to stay in front of trends.

  2. Which risk management applications are you most familiar with?

    Their response should be to list several different software options here, such as those created by industry leaders Syntex, SaS, IBM, Strategic Thought, Symbiant, Methodware, etc. The ability to cross platforms demonstrates a well-rounded and nimble mindset, a necessary skill for someone who will be facing challenges from several corners. Understand the needs of the business and listen for those software applications specifically.

  3. What would your goals be as part of our risk mitigation team?

    Good answers think ahead toward the future and demonstrate a team mindset. Great answers do all of that and also express clear leadership and follow-through. An exceptional team works together to grow each of the members and support the needs of the organization; an exceptional team member shares knowledge and helps other team members succeed. Brilliant candidates keep the organization ahead of the curve with a specific focus and plan.

Risk mitigation doesn’t have to be scary. If you want to find the best and the brightest risk mitigation candidates, contact Artemis Consultants today.

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