Ways Artificial Intelligence Will & Won’t Impact Job Searches and Executive Staffing

AI and job searches and staffing

“Hey, Siri, what’s the weather? Alexa, turn down the air conditioning.”

For many of us, artificial intelligence voice assistants like Siri and Alexa have become part of our everyday lives, even part of our families.  They help us navigate, relax, multitask, and entertain our kids (just ask Siri to tell you a joke).  The capacity for artificial intelligence sometimes seems infinite.  Every industry is now affected in some way, even the field of recruiting. Just how smart is artificial intelligence in major global industries, and how does it affect your business? 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

According to Britannica, artificial intelligence is “the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.”  Artificial intelligence is designed to simulate human learning.  It is made up of a set of algorithms which have the capacity to change and rewrite themselves using data.  This is how AI displays “intelligence” (Ismail). Artificial intelligence algorithms can make predictions and recommendations that influence our lives.

The artificial intelligence umbrella includes deep learning and machine learning.  Cognitive skills such as reasoning, self-correction, and even creativity are part of AI programming (Tech Target).

Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Artificial intelligence may sound futuristic, but today’s industry reveals that the future is now.  Here is how AI is already working in major industries.

  • In the medical field, artificial intelligence can diagnose heart scans more accurately by picking up details unable to be seen by doctors.  It can also help diagnose lung cancer much earlier (BBC).
  • The automotive industry uses AI in manufacturing, navigation, and the development of autonomous vehicles.  The company Motional, located in Santa Monica, California, has created autonomous driving robotaxis that provide self-driven rides. It is teaming up with Lyft, Via, and Cox Automotive to increase self-driven transportation around the world (BuiltIn.com).
  • Cybersecurity: AI technology plays a crucial role in detecting and deterring security fraud, especially in the world of finance (Forbes).
  • E-commerce: AI is utilized in the forms of chat-bots, personalized shopping, marketing, and inventory information (Forbes).
  • CRM: Artificial intelligence virtual assistants provide instant answers to customers around the clock.  AI is also being applied to software programs like Salesforce and Zoho to take out the heavy human intervention and “transform into self-updating, auto-correcting systems that stay on top of your relationship management for you,” according to Adam Uzialko, Business News Daily.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting and Job Searching

AI plays a major role in the hiring process due to the widespread use of automatic applicant tracking systems.  These systems look for ideal candidates based on a job description. They are designed to save hiring managers hours pouring through resumes, but they also reject resumes for format, content, and keywords. “As artificial intelligence advances, employers are increasingly relying on a combination of predictive analytics, machine learning and complex algorithms to sort through candidates, evaluate their skills and estimate their performance,”says Laura Davis at CNet. “Today, it’s not uncommon for applicants to be rejected by a robot before they’re connected with an actual human in human resources.” 

To the job seeker, it is frustrating to receive a rejection email after hours spent filling out a long application. Or, perhaps a candidate with strong soft skills is not even considered.

To fight back, job seekers can use services like Jobscan to tweak resumes so they better match up to the applicant tracking system and increase the likelihood of getting an interview.

Artificial intelligence is redefining every industry with its increasing ability to replicate human intelligence. Despite its many benefits, the very best way to land a job is to network and use personalized recruiters like those at Artemis Consultants.  Nothing can replace the power of human to human referrals.  

We want to know: how is artificial intelligence being used in your industry?  How does it affect your day to day? Please explain in the comments. 

-Written exclusively for Artemis Consultants by Content Writer Mellody Melville

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