What’s Trending in Your Career?

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With a new year, comes a frenzy (and flurry) of predictions—what will trend in the business world in next?  How will things change with new technology, the latest politics, the global market?

Now is the perfect time to personally reflect on your own career direction.  Where will your job take your career next?  How will this year differ from the previous one?  Are your skills fitting into the predicted trends?  Is it time to learn something new?

In a recent Forbes.com article, The Top 10 Business Trends that Will Drive Success, Ian Altman describes the following trends in business:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Live interactions over social media (for example, Facebook Live)
  • Generation Z entering the workforce (born after 1998)
  • Wages on the rise (along with health care costs)
  • Social learning
  • Live streaming video content for customers
  • Serving a whole community, not just buyers
  • Marketing focus on solving problems
  • Subject matter experts are valuable
  • Blockchain is embraced

Anything surprise you here?  Whether or not these predictions apply to you directly, any recruiter will tell you that hiring managers value skills that are current.

So, if you took time to reflect on your own resume, would you say your skills are current?  What did you learn in the previous year that you could add to your resume?

Imagine living out your calling—each day filled with purpose, satisfaction and the happiness that comes from doing exactly what you are MEANT to do. Which begs the question: Are you in a job, career or a calling?

At Artemis, we know the importance of keeping current.  We know that being knowledgeable about trends and recent news is especially valuable when interviewing.  Besides updating a resume, candidates should actively seek out business news.  This could include reading LinkedIn articles (joining relevant groups and following relevant companies), reading blogs, checking websites, using Twitter, and even reading a daily newspaper.  This type of knowledge can truly separate candidates in an interview environment.

Lou Holtz says, “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying—so, get in motion and grow.”  Continuous education is always on trend.  Consider researching whether training seminars, conferences, or courses are scheduled in your area, and get them on your calendar.  There are even free online courses or YouTube videos available that can enhance your skills.

If 2018 is your year for new staffing, Artemis Consultants is the expert in recruiting services for Software, Technology, Data and B2B services.  For individual candidate services, check out our Job Alerts page.  It’s a new year, and of all the trends, we hope success will be trending for you.

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