Will Beacon Marketing Change the Face of Marketing for Your Business?


When you walk into your local Target, that magic little app opens and welcomes you to the store and reminds you to use your Cartwheel coupons. This is beacon marketing! Beacon marketing was expected to transform marketing when it was introduced in 2014, but until now it’s only been friendly ripples.

According to Marketing Tech, only a third of retailers have tried beacon marketing. With industry giants Target and Macy’s piloting a beacon marketing program, the low consumer adoption rate of six percent is poised to skyrocket. Bluetooth technology creates one more avenue for retailers to integrate their online and virtual storefronts with their brick-and-mortar physical presence, creating a consistency of brand experience.

Simple beacons offer some of the benefits that targeted direct mail or phone campaigns used to offer.

As more and more consumers adopt smartphone technology and seek an integrated retail experience, they seek out this technology. With the success of geo based Uber and now Pokemon Go, consumer comfort with location based apps continues to increase. More and more, consumers are relying on their smartphones to replace all their other devices from their GPS to their home PCs, and beacon marketing is one more avenue for increasing engagement with younger consumers in particular. For these consumers, walking through the doors of Macy’s and receiving a notice about sale items can convert foot traffic into sales.

Advanced applications can create conversion by acting like a virtual personal shopper.

This technology is poised to take off, if retailers can find ways to integrate digital purchasing profiles with the location based Bluetooth apps and lead customers to future purchases, replacing the “consumers who have purchased the items in your cart also purchased” and the “other items you might like” with a more tailored and direct approach. These apps offer opportunities for bricks and mortar locations to leverage the digital information already available to them, and lead consumers into the purchases that align with their personalities and purchasing history. For instance, Target’s beacon could report data to their Cartwheel app to assist consumers moving the items in the coupons they have saved onto the checkout conveyer belt by reminding them where in the store the item is located.

Utilizing beacon tech relies on the age-old principle of staying consumer focused.

When choosing whether or not to use beacon technology, remember your target consumer profile and base your approach on that consumer. If your consumer would be annoyed by the back-and-forth on their phone, consider thoughtfully whether this is your best position. If your consumer loves all things tech, they might welcome the assistance of additional information and interaction, so go for it.

Beacon marketing doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark, Artemis Consultants can connect you with experienced and educated professionals who can help you make the right call for your business. Reach out to our team today!

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