Hiring: They Call it a “Process” for a Reason

Hiring process

I enjoy the hiring process.

I know it works.

I believe that each step is important in forming a complete picture.

In my years of experience as an executive recruiter, I have seen the value of following a step-by-step hiring process.  When companies rush the process or skip steps, they often realize that they didn’t fully know who they were hiring.  And, a bad hire ultimately costs both time and money.

What is Revealed During the Process

If you take the time to think about a typical hiring process, you will that notice different skills and characteristics of a candidate are revealed in each step.

For example, a first step is often the submission of a cover letter and resume in response to a job description.

Many things are revealed about a candidate in these two documents including:

  • Attention to detail: Did the candidate respond clearly to the posted job description, using exact wording in the cover letter and resume? This shows how carefully the candidate considered his/her skills in relation to the specific job.
  • Writing/ presentation skills: these skills are essential to most positions.  Look for grammar and mechanics, word choice, confidence in tone, and overall style/set up of the resume.

Aligning Stakeholders with Process

Hiring…it’s like any relationship, really. And some companies aren’t as good at relationships and make mistakes that derail their hiring process.

People are introduced, they meet, and then get to know each other through questions and answers. To make sure an ideal candidate accepts an offer, avoid these three derailing mistakes.

Another universal step in the process is interviewing.  I’m not going to list the multitude of what is revealed during an interview, but I will say that the more time a company takes in this step, the better the hire.  I believe in the importance of solid interview questions, interviewing with a panel, creating an opportunity to be informal during an interview, and holding a second interview.  A second interview gives the opportunity to glean extra information on a different day and to dive into more specific questions.

Other steps in the hiring process include following up, checking references, and ultimately negotiating an offer.

Process Takes Time and Effort

The hiring process is valuable.  It takes knowledge, time, and energy.  Is compensation described correctly?  Is the target audience being reached?  Is a company ultimately hiring the best candidate available for the position?

It is worth the investment to partner with a search firm like Artemis Consultants. Artemis has the expertise to help companies through each step of the process and ultimately ensure the best hire.  We offers four different levels of recruiting services intended to meet a variety of employer situations.

We believe in the process.  The process is there for a reason.

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