After investing millions into R&D, Factual Data needed a leader that understood their niche data services and technology offerings.

We excel at niche needs.

Factual Data


Division President

Client Overview

As a qualified service provider for many of the top financial institutions, CBCInnovis remains committed to providing simple solutions to customers’​ complex problems. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, CBCInnovis primarily provides mortgage credit reporting services to the financial services industry.

The Challenge

After investing millions into R&D, it was time to identify an executive that understood CBC’s niche data services and technology offerings. The target candidate base was from Fortune 50 companies because the ideal candidate needed to be a highly known and credible figure that would help validate they provided superior technology and services than their competitors.

Our Action

The target candidates were very difficult to identify and could not be simply found using company websites, LinkedIn and traditional resources. Artemis had to deploy innovative research ideas and lots of phone networking. Within 60 days, CBC was presented 3 candidates from companies they considered key targets.

End Results

They interviewed all three and made an offer to their top choice. The offer and negotiation process was complicated. It required a lot of organized efforts between the candidate, the recruiter and the employer. Within 90 days, the position was filled. The new person offered an immediate ROI. They:

  • Identified new clients and closed deals that resulted in profitable new revenue streams
  • Developed a conceptual framework for attracting major clients
  • Created the strategy that enhanced credibility which led to greater acceptance and predicable revenue streams

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