With a patented innovative, tech-enabled engagement, healthcare platform, PatientPoint was looking for a new VP of Data Operations to join their team. Artemis was able to identify, qualify, and engage over 15  highly qualified candidates, 7 of which were moved to PatientPoint’s interviewing process.


Ending with 3 finalist and a successful hire that meet their qualifications and within compensation.



VP of Data Operations

Client Overview

PatientPoint® is a patient engagement platform. Their digital engagement solutions create more effective doctor-patient interactions across the entire care journey. From patient acquisition to the in-office visit to hospital engagement and remote care, PatientPoint is there, helping drive better health outcomes, increased provider revenue and a superior patient experience.

As a  healthcare education, technology, and media company, their primary solution is screens in doctors’ offices. Those screens, including the exam room ones that are interactive are made up of healthcare information, which is paid for by sponsorship or ads from the life sciences and related industries. One of the largest digital out of home networks in the US, including some subscription clients, like the US government (VA office).

The Challenge

Artemis engaged with PatientPoint at the beginning of their search. They needed to hire an experienced data operations leader that would help create the foundation of their next generation of innovation. A partial list of the skills and experience needed included:

  • Prior leadership experience, with at least three or more direct reports.
  • Ability to guide and motivate a team, comfortable leading a team of 20+ team members.
  • A background in data management, data quality, or data governance.
  • Experience in the healthcare industry.
  • 5-8 or more years of experience in a related fields.

Our Action

In addition to pursuing candidates already known to Artemis, we researched all target companies and key personnel in the data operations, quality, and governance space. Though there was a limited number of qualified candidates, we delivered 15 candidates. Which resulted in 7 candidates throughout their interview process.

End Results

Of the three finalists, the top candidate was offered the role and accepted that day. PatientPoint was able to hire a highly qualified candidate in the desired field and with the right expertise.

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