Why Anyone You Meet Could Become a Valuable Job Reference

Valuable reference

It could be anyone.  Really ANYONE.  Your hairdresser, the cashier at Starbucks, the parent you stand next to on the soccer sideline– even your dentist.  They can come into contact with you at any time and could potentially become your next job reference. Anyone you meet could become a valuable reference. Most of us understand…

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Taking a Career Mulligan: How to Leave a New Job

career mulligan

How long should you stay in a new job you hate? Six months? One year? Two years? Does taking a “career mulligan” affect your chances of being hired in the future? If you thought your new job was going to be a career hole-in-one, but it slices way right, how do you leave? Fully Assess…

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Shedding Light on Gaslighting: An Underreported Workplace Harassment

If you’ve ever felt like you were blamed for something you didn’t do or manipulated by misdirection, odds are good that you’ve been a victim of gaslighting. According to Psychology Today, gaslighting is psychological manipulation which sows seeds of discontent and doubt. The term comes from a 1938 mystery thriller called Gas Light where a…

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Why Assuming Positive Intent Builds Trust

Each time we interact with someone else, we make a split decision: do I trust this person?  If yes, our whole demeanor reflects it: we share information, stand in close proximity, and speak with an upbeat tone. If no, we calculate every word and proceed with a stealth level of caution. Persons who have mastered…

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