Three Ways Employers Must Connect Personal Meaning to Work

During the pandemic, employees across the globe had plenty of time to think about the meaning of their work. And many concluded that their jobs are no longer fulfilling. Post-pandemic, employees are changing jobs rapidly.  In fact, a recent Microsoft survey predicts that up to 40 percent of the global workforce may leave their jobs…

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You Think You’re Invaluable, but Does Your Boss Agree?


You’re at that point in your career.  You’re valuable.  You’ve done the work.  Put in the time.  You have the education, the experience, the knowledge.  People in the company come to you for answers and advice.  You’re a little bit cocky, confident, settled— because you know the company would suffer if you ever left. You…

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Practice Positivity to Optimize Your Career

Does being an optimistic person give you an edge in getting hired or being promoted?  Research says yes. Optimists make more money, outsell their counterparts, and are less stressed (Gielan, Harvard Business Review).  They also find jobs more easily and are more likely to be promoted, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (Forbes).…

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