How to Build Long-Term Business Relationships

long-term relationships

I have 563 “friends” on Facebook, 126 “followers” on Instagram, and 26,800 “connections” in my LinkedIn network. Each of these people is important, but I’ll admit only some of these relationships go beyond a professional nod or loose acquaintance. How can a superficial business relationship develop into one that lasts long-term? Why should we place…

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What are Your Company’s Differentiators in a Work from Home World?

Company's differentiators

Working inside Google’s Bay Area headquarters, The Googleplex, means three catered meals a day, fitness classes, outdoor seating, dry-cleaning facilities, an on-site doctor, tennis courts, and sculpted gardens.  It also means free yoga classes and massages. For companies aspiring to retain valuable employees, it begs the question: What are you company’s differentiators in a work…

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