Over Age 50? Here’s How to Get Hired

Hiring Over 50

If you are a jobseeker over the age of 50, you may be among the 78 percent of people who have faced age discrimination in the workplace. In the hiring market, you are now willing to work for less money.  Your interviews are with millennials the age of your children. Despite everything you do to…

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People Pleaser Pitfalls: Ways to Find Balance

People pleasers care about being liked.  They work hard to make others happy, no matter the cost to themselves.  They avoid conflict, express empathy, and are quite simply “nice.” But, how do people pleasers fare in business?  Can excessive people-pleasing lead to disrespect and burnout?  Consider these ways to avoid people-pleaser pitfalls and find balance.…

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Five Routines to Boost Productivity

Work smarter, not harder.  It’s an intention we all have at the start of each day.  Working smarter means having a purposeful focus that maximizes productivity.  Sounds great, but what does this look like on an average workday?  Consider these five routines to boost your daily productivity. 1.Create a Personalized Workflow to Boost Productivity To…

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